The jewellery House of Yeprem was founded by a Lebanese of Armenian origin, Yeprem Chakardemian, in Beirut in 1964. Half a century later almost the whole world started talking about it. The brand works exclusively with diamonds, only occasionally allowing itself to take a lark with other precious stones. However it’s impossible to find classical jewelry within its product range.


Yeprem’s “The Claw” bracelet

In 2013, Yeprem invented a design that glorified the company on both sides of the ocean. The bracelet is a decorative piece, which extends between the fingers and beautifully falls on the back of the hand. Yeprem’s pieces are designed in a way that takes into account all the anatomical features of the hand. Thus each item is extremely comfortable to wear. It does not hinder the movement of the wrist and fingers, and is virtually insensible to its owner for the whole day.

Today, the company’s range also presents more complex designs. In addition to the above-mentioned best-selling piece you can find elf ear-cuffs, luxurious necklaces, bracelets for the whole hand that resemble thorny branches, a tiara that’s fastened on the forehead, and armor rings covering the fingers from base to tip. It’s not surprising, that the brand has acquired a variety of star fans including Rihanna, Madonna and Jennifer Lopez.


The game in combination

These jewelry pieces are for people who are tired of the classic forms, but are still in love with diamonds. More so for those who already have large precious stones, pearls and stunning items from the traditional European jewelry Houses. But mainly for those who do not have enough “fresh air”.

Despite the far-from-traditional design, Yeprem’s pieces are universal and can be perfectly combined with one another. You can simultaneously put on up to ten items, creating the illusion of a whole. This can only be produced by people who are free of conventionalities and those whose thoughts go far beyond public opinion.

Yeprem Yeprem Yeprem Yeprem YepremYeprem

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