— titanium


— 2.54 cts Brazilian Paraiba tourmaline;
— diamonds weighing in total 1.58 cts;
— mother-of-pearl weighing in total 4.60 cts


Bombé-rings (fr. "bomb") are one of the signatures of the Californian brand ARUNASHI. In the performance of Arun Bohra, the dome of the piece is always skillfully inlaid with a mother-of-pearl or opal. Such work takes a lot of time and requires a highly skilled jeweler — each element has a certain shape and sits only in the place allotted to it. At the same time, between the plates of the mother-of-pearl or opal and the titanium base should not bear even the tiniest of intervals — each element is as close as possible to its neighbor, creating the illusion of integrity.

In the concrete example, the dome of the ring is made of a mother-of-pearl of light and dark shades laid out in the shape of a flower, and its top is crowned with a neon-blue Paraiba tourmaline of Brazilian origin, whose weight is 2.54 carats.

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