— 18K gold


— 7.67 cts Paraiba tourmaline;
— Padparadscha sapphires weighing in total 28.72 cts;
— diamonds weighing in total 1.07 cts


A Paraiba tourmaline that weighs more than five carats is a stone which is difficult to find. A sapphire of the Padparadscha variety — the one in which red, rose and orange shades appear simultaneously— is not a less rare and valuable material: for the majority of Parisian jewelers, even if they use such stones, the quantities and size of them is hardly large. Therefore, if the master acquires a handful of Paraiba or Padparadscha, he tries to create as many different pieces as possible.

Arun Bohra, the founder and mastermind of the Californian brand ARUNASHI, likes shocking his colleagues, creating unexpected combinations of colors and materials. This time, he sets the over 7.5 carats Paraiba tourmaline as a centre of a floral motif ring. The petals were laid out by twenty-five Padparadscha sapphires, the side of which were also incrusted with diamond tracks. Let's call it "luxury to the second power" :)

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