— Titanium


— 2 conch pearls weighing in total 26,45 cts;
— 2 rose-cut diamonds weighing in total 3,26 cts;
— 649 diamonds weighing in total 12,04 cts;
— pink coral inlay


The flower of the royal lily in different cultures has an ambiguous interpretation. For example, in Europe it was related to monarchy and justice, whilst in Japan, to purity and chastity, and in Assyria, to imperial power. One thing is known — this representation of the flora has always had a positive meaning and has been highly valued over the centuries.

One-of-a-kind earrings from the Californian brand ARUNASHI present a stylized image of a royal lily, the center of which is decorated with a large pink non-nacreus conch pearl, and the leaves are lined with diamond pavé and fine pink coral inlay. The piece is beautiful, elegant and attractive, as it must be, in the best traditions of Arun Bohra.

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