— 18K gold;
— titanium


— 64.44 cts carved Zambian emerald;
— 38.13 cts opal;
— 2 rose-cut emerald weighing in total 7.64 cts;
— 10.19 cts pear opal;
— emerald beads weighing in total 8.26 cts;
— emerald cabochons weighing in total 5.75 cts;
— natural pearls weighing in total 7.37 cts;
— 2 Ashoka-cut diamonds weighing in total 1.92 cts (1.03 cts + 0.89 cts);
— full-cut diamonds weighing in total 3.91 cts


The imagination of Arun Bohra, the founder and owner of the California brand ARUNASHI, knows no bounds. Having received in his collection a 64-carat carved emerald and a 38-carat opal, this man did not just make two separate classical pieces, as most jewelers would have done, but combined these rare minerals in a pair of luxurious earrings. The back side of these pieces is no less beautiful than the front side. And despite a weight of 51.6 grams, the earrings are comfortable to wear and do not cause discomfort.

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