Lion de Chanel

CHANEL loves to work with their own historical codes; the legendary symbols selected by its founder Gabrielle Chanel. The new jewelry collection, “Sous le Signe du Lion”, is no exception.


The Chanel’s Venetian lion

Leo was not only Gabrielle Chanel’s zodiac star sign. It was also connected with something sacred. In August 1920, a few months after the tragic death of Boy Capel, the heartbroken Chanel first arrived in La Serenissima. The azure waters of the Venetian lagoon, the rich Byzantine architecture, and the legendary Pala D’Oro inner sanctuary brought her back to life, and helped her to find the strength to continue on her way. Chanel especially liked a gold-plated lion. This was a symbol of St. Mark; power and domination. She found it so adorable that she made this animal her new emblem. Returning to Paris, the mademoiselle adorned her apartment on Rue Cambon with the predator’s statues. Also she has used this motif on buttons, buckles and brooches.

Lion de Chanel

Throughout her life Chanel had been returning to Venice again and again. She found solace, inspiration and strength in gilded winged lions. They do a marvelous job of protecting the city and looking at the visitors of the lagoon from almost every palazzo, church and urban monument. In Paris, the predator’s statues reminded her of their persistent nature, power, determination and independence.

Lion de Chanel

“Sous le Signe du Lion” collection

In the jewelry side the CHANEL’s lion first appeared on the precious scene in 2012. It became a part of the High Jewelry collection named “Sous le Signe du Lion”. Three years later, CHANEL decided to shift the focus from luxury to pithiness. The collection was expanded with jewelry that the brand’s clients may combine both with jeans and a white shirt, and also with evening dresses. Made of yellow and white gold with diamond pave and pearls, the mascarones in the form of a lion’s head with luxuriant mane plays the central role in bracelets, rings, earrings and light sautoirs. Conventionally, an updated line can be divided into two parts. The first one, “Lion Pepite”, is realistic and detailing. And the second one, “Lion Arty”, represents abstract items as if they were carved in a gold monolith.

Lion de Chanel Lion de Chanel Lion de Chanel

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