Margo Raffaelli wears Carrera y Carrera jewelry

The dragon is one of the most important mythical creatures of Oriental cultures, especially the Chinese. It was endowed with immortality, wisdom, unlimited force and power over the four elements. It was also associated with well-being and kindness. The classic Chinese dragon has a snake body with fish scales, tiger paws, eagle claws, deer horns, a catfish moustache and a number of sharp teeth on the ridge. This is how it was portrayed by the designers of the Spanish jewelry House of Carrera y Carrera.

Carrera y Carrera dragon

The plot

The collection of Círculos De Fuego was inspired by the love story of the Chinese princess Feng and the Orochi dragon, who gave his flame to his beloved woman for one kiss. The fire of Orochi was considered the greatest treasure of the empire, as it turned any stone into gold. But no-one knew that without this flame this mythical being could not live. Feng’s attempts to revive Orochi did not prevail. And since then the princess swore to preserve the gift of the dragon and revive his spirit in every skilful creation created by fire.

Carrera y Carrera dragon

The story of the Carrera y Carrera dragon

Using the motif of the classic Chinese dragon as the basis, the secret technique for creating a precious mini-sculpture and the proprietary combination of matte and glossy gold surfaces, the House of Carrera y Carrera first presented the Círculos De Fuego collection in 2004. Since then, the Shanghai pendant and the Nankin ring have received cult status. They are the most popular models of the company on both sides of the ocean.

In 2012 and 2016 the collection was replenished. It got bangle bracelets, and the previously ringbarked dragon was released from the flame and found its long-awaited freedom. The current year opened a new chapter in the history of Círculos De Fuego. For the first time in thirteen years it expanded on such a large scale: the updated line included seventy-five gold jewelry pieces, including two Haute Joaillerie bracelets. In contrast to previous years, Carrera y Carrera has a color —for example in the dragon “prickly rings” topaz, amethyst, citrine and quartz are combined with white, cognac and green diamonds. The symbol of power and status acquired a new sound.

Carrera y Carrera dragonCarrera y Carrera dragonCarrera y Carrera dragonCarrera y Carrera dragonCarrera y Carrera dragonCarrera y Carrera dragonCarrera y Carrera dragonMargo Raffaelli wears Carrera y Carrera dragon jewelry

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