Margo Raffaelli wears Chaumet jewelry

The “Three Universes of Chaumet” consists of twenty-five Haute Joaillerie pieces. They are combined by themes of love, naturalism and the Empire style. At the end of last year, the French House made its Moscovian clients and friends a special gesture. It brought a new jewelry exhibition that best revealed the DNA of one of the oldest jewelry brands in the world to the capital.

Margo Raffaelli wears Chaumet jewelry

The Joséphine Universe

The Joséphine Universe is inspired by the Empire style. It is dedicated to the historical muse and one of the first clients of the House — the Empress Josephine de Beauharnais. First shown in 2010 during the traditional couture week in Paris, these pieces are a reinterpreted image of a tiara. It was one of the favorite accessories of Napoleon’s first wife.

Among the Joséphine pieces that arrived in Moscow is the Toi et Moi ring (in French, “You and I”) with a ruby and colorless diamond. It presents an updated version of the Empress’s wedding ring, presented by Bonaparte.  Also, there’s a suite with purple sapphires, hinting at violet — the favorite flower of de Beauharnais. Furthermore, there are earrings with a blue cushion-cut corundum — a tribute to the “Regent” diamond, adorned with the emperor’s sword. As well as this are items with colorless diamonds from a light tiara and an airy bracelet to sautoir in the form of drops.

Margo Raffaelli wears Chaumet jewelry

The Liens Universe

Haute Joaillerie rings pay tribute to the Liens Universe. There are four of them — with a diamond, an emerald, a light blue sapphire, and a rare Padparadscha corundum. Creating the collection, the brand’s designers were inspired by crossed ribbons, which can be seen in historical pieces of the House since 1907. Since 1977 this motif has represented a separate jewelry collection. Symbolizing love and unbreakable friendships, Liens rings and bracelets very quickly won the admiration of the brand’s fans. Therefore, when the iconic collection “rose” to the couture level two years ago, no-one was surprised, but many were delighted. In pieces they arrived to the capital, with emphasis on the stones, set in visually simple but technically complex frames. Two sides are securely held in prongs. But the two other sides are quite open, allowing light to freely pass through the facets.

Margo Raffaelli wears Chaumet jewelry

The Jardins Universe

The third Chaumet Universe — Jardins — is devoted to naturalistic motifs. It is presented in the work of the brand since its foundation in 1780. In the Hortensia watch emphasis is placed on a unique, and as it is called among Vendôme jewelers, “poetic”, mechanism that turns the dial into a flower bed. The hour-hand mimics a petal, while the minute hand represents a hydrangea. Thanks to the airy stone settings, the petals in the Hortensia earrings are able to move, gently touching the skin. Bees, one of the main emblems of the House, also found their place there. They are shown in the earrings, the ring and the brooch.

Margo Raffaelli wears Chaumet jewelry

Depending on the mood, each of the twenty-five items can be worn as a cocktail, evening, and even – if you’re bold enough – an everyday piece. Narrating about the values and history of the House, they will not only tell you about the important stages of the brand’s development. They also affect the main goals of every woman — to love and be loved (Liens), to receive social recognition (Joséphine), as well as the ability to go back to basics and follow nature (Jardins).

Margo Raffaelli wears Chaumet jewelry Margo Raffaelli wears Chaumet jewelry Margo Raffaelli wears Chaumet jewelry Margo Raffaelli wears Chaumet jewelry Margo Raffaelli wears Chaumet jewelryMargo Raffaelli wears Chaumet jewelry

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