Arunashi sapphire ring

Arun Bohra, the founder and owner of the Californian brand, ARUNASHI, was definitely learning the art of jewelry in Oz. Entering his showroom, you realize that magic is hidden in every case. But before you open the box, you do not know what kind of shape you will get at that time.

Arunashi conch pearl earrings


A native of Jaipur, Bohra comes from a family of hereditary jewelers who made jewelry for the ruling dynasties of India for more than a century. But he refused developing an already well-established business. Instead, Arun moved to California, where in 2004, together with his wife, Ashita, they combined names, talent and experience to forge their own brand.

Arunashi Zambian emerald earrings

The boldness of forms

When it comes to rare precious stones, most jewelers prefer to work with a classic design. Such pieces are easier to sell. They find their client faster and look equally beautiful with most outfits. Those who experiment with forms tend to bet on inexpensive materials such as turquoise, corals, and chrysoprase to name a few… But Arun plays by his own rules, which is very different from his brothers in trade. For example, Bohra made a non-treated 14 carat ruby the center of a bracelet in the form of a wild orchid. A large carved Zambian emerald became a part of a luxurious pair of earrings — it was combined with an Australian opal of similar weight and shape.

For this person, details are important. A titanium brooch with tanzanite and cachalon, inspired by Indian motifs, can be turned into earrings. And the inner part of the sapphire and diamond bracelet is decorated with no smaller stones than its front side. Arun gets his inspiration from the native Indian culture, paintings, mythology and nature. There are also elements of Art Nouveau and Art Deco. But they are all mixed up and represent a completely new, unique style.

Arunashi orchid 14cts ruby bangle Arunashi emerald and turmaline Paraiba jewelry Arunashi sapphire bracelet

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